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Want to know more about Friedrich Froebel, pioneer of the kindergarten movement? Check out his key principles below, read our beginner’s guide, or dip straight into contemporary blogs and videos from our international team.

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Go deeper. Our courses are aimed at early years practitioners of all levels.  They emphasise child-led play, children’s rights and systemic change – and are the heartbeat of our Froebelian community. Some are practical, some academic. Find out more and get started today.

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Looking to connect with fellow practitioners who share your interests? Discover simple, practical provocations for your setting via our practitioner-created Inspiration Directory – and learn more about Froebelians near you through our interactive network map.

My life and work with my pupils was at first very limited, for it consisted merely in living, going out and walking in the open air. As yet I did not bring the simple life of Nature within the sphere of education - it was my pupils who taught me that.

- Froebel, cited in Lilley 1967: 37

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