Frobelian Futures

Froebelian Futures is a groundbreaking three year programme (2021-2024) funded by The Froebel Trust which aims to strengthen and deepen child and community-centred early years practice across Scotland, based on the foundational principles of Friedrich Froebel (1782-1852).



Our vision is of a world where children’s integrity, interdependence and creativity are recognised and cultivated as an indispensable life force in all human societies. Specifically, we want to see children – supported by skilful childhood practitioners – widely and confidently sharing their co-created knowledge, ideas and practices – to inspire and enhance social justice, in harmony with the natural world. 




We want to spark a long-term, national learning journey – spearheaded by ELC practitioners-as-researchers and change-makers – that will bring the inexhaustible value of Froebelian ideas into mainstream policy and practice for the twenty-first century. Our hope is that within 5 years Scotland will be recognised as a beacon of childhood practice at the heart of an international community of Froebelians.

“[Practitioners] should be initiated into the real nature and manner of a child’s growth, inspired with respect and love for it, and made thoroughly familiar with the demands of children’s lives and the form of education which will satisfy them.” Froebel, 1830s (in Lilley, 1967:118)





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  • We support third sector organisations to onboard Government-backed Froebelian ideas into their participation work with children and families. Interested? Get in touch.
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