Froebel in Childhood Practice certificate

Our “Froebel in Childhood Practice” certificate offers an essential introduction to the work and ideas of Friedrich Froebel, the founder of the kindergarten movement – whose work is becoming an increasingly important foundation for Scotland’s early years curriculum (Realising The Ambition). Aimed especially at professionals working in the early years and transitions into Primary school, but open to anyone with an active role related to early childhood including third sector and policymakers. Course details

Practitioner Inquiry

A practical exploration of how early years practitioners can be (and already are) front-line researchers. Teaching includes practical skills and advanced concepts about Froebelian practice to enable participants to undertake a specific piece of research into the issues effecting children’s play in your own community. Open to practitioners who have completed the “Froebel in Childhood Practice” course. Course details

Froebelian Leadership

Building on Practitioner inquiry training, this complementary programme examines original and contemporary Froebelian views of leadership, alongside practical skills and peer support to develop your own Froebelian leadership pathway. The aim is to cultivate real change for children and families whatever your context or position. Open to practitioners who have completed the Practitioner Inquiry course. Course details

Froebel MSc

For those seeking a more critical and academic qualification in Froebelian philosophy, our “Early Childhood Practice and Froebel” pathway (MSc Education) offers a deep dive into children’s rights, social justice and the implications for organisations and policy makers. Drawing on a range of interdisciplinary perspectives including education, sociology and domestic and international law. Open to applicants with a relevant first degree or significant comparable experience. Course details