Froebel in Childhood Practice certificate

Course overview

The “Froebel in Childhood Practice” certificate offers an essential introduction to the work and ideas of Friedrich Froebel, the founder of the kindergarten movement – whose work is becoming an increasingly important foundation for Scotland’s early years curriculum (Realising The Ambition). A contemporary analysis of Froebel’s work can support early years practitioners to develop children’s learning from thoroughly child and community-centred perspectives. Participants will learn about the original Froebelian kindergarten, and you will be encouraged and challenged to consider how this may enhance your professional practice.

Who is this for?

Aimed especially at professionals working in the early years and transitions into Primary school, but open to anyone with an active role related to early childhood including third sector and policymakers.

What might I get from it?

The course is certificated by The University of Edinburgh. We expect that participants will finish with a deep understanding of both the social history which led to contemporary child-centred practice and practical ideas for reinvigorating and anchoring contemporary practice in a uniquely principled approach. The “Froebel in Childhood Practice” certificate is an essential pre-requisite to continuing onto further programmes.

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Dates and time commitment

The Edinburgh part-time programme begins in October each year, while our summer intensive programme runs in July each year. We also deliver this course in a number of Local Authorities at different times of the year. Please see contact details below for more information.

Course structure

Typical course content includes:

- An Introduction to Froebel’s Historic Heritage
- Froebel’s Principles: Practice Today
- Play, Anti-Discrimination, Diversity and Equity
- Professional Visit – Cowgate Under 5s Centre
- Froebel and Inclusive Education
- Froebel and Symbolic Representation
- Play Outdoors, Adventure and Challenge: A Froebelian Perspective on the Nursery Garden Today

Fees and support

Part-time and summer intensive training at The University of Edinburgh costs £850 (SAAS support may be available). Local Authority training fees vary, but are often fully covered by the Authority.


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