Froebel in the Third Sector

Do you deliver services for children and families through the third sector? Let’s talk…


Government-backed Froebelian principles (see Realising The Ambition, SG 2020) are fundamentally rooted in and extend children’s rights. Our Froebel MSc at The University of Edinburgh, for example, foregrounds transformative links between Froebel’s work and children’s participation, the UNCRC, social inequalities, anti-racist practice and many other key areas central to the work of third sector organisations.

Our vision is to see children – accompanied by skilful professionals and well-supported families – widely and confidently sharing their co-created knowledge, ideas and practices – to enhance their own lives, service design, social justice and a healthier planet. The Froebelian Futures team has a wealth of experience working within and for third sector organisations including international NGOs and local community organisations – working on issues of migration, women’s rights, social inequalities and more – all with early years specialisms (0-7 years).

Be part of the conversation

In 2022-24 we will be organising a series of round table events and one-on-one trainings with third sector organisations, with the overall aim of strengthening children’s participation in services that encompass the early years, drawing on Froebelian ideas. If you would like to explore how we can work with you, please get in touch.

Every child should be accepted as an indispensable and essential member of the human race” – Friedrich Froebel