Celebrating our first Greek training

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A view of Athens Acropolis

In October, Froebelian Futures welcomed more than 100 early years practitioners and professionals to take part in our Introduction to Froebel certificate.

We were delighted to partner on the training with the Network For Children’s Rights in Athens, in this first step towards building a Greek network of Froebelian-inspired practitioners who are committed to developing children’s rights within early years. In June 2022 the Greek programme will continue with Practitioner Inquiry training – supporting practitioners to develop their on-the-ground research and advocacy skills. Thanks to everyone who took part – and for your really helpful and encouraging feedback.


The adult is now a student more in my eyes than a teacher. – Σοφία-Αγγελική Παπαστεργίου


  • “I had never heard of Froebel before, because at least in Greece his practices are not so widespread. But I believe his principles could be a great tool for restructuring how we view and teach children here.” Christina


  • I loved Froebel’s perspective on child-led, nature-based, play-based approaches… this workshop gave me a real boost, and I would now like my [early years] students to become familiar with Froebel’s work.” Foteini


  • I loved the course. For me, it had everything I wanted: it was concise, we had personal contact [with other practitioners], the speakers and videos kept it interesting… honestly I am more than satisfied.” Kyriaki


  • I always knew the vital role of play in children’s life but through this program I had the opportunity to see and understand better the importance of it and how we can enhance it through Froebel’s pedagogy.” Maria


  • “As a result of this training I will try to [develop our outdoor and indoor areas] so that the children can have much more freedom there. I will also try to give more time to this… because I now realise the great importance that it has for them.” Georgio


  • “After the training I learned to restrain myself more in the context of a supportive and guiding role. To try at all times to give the child more time and space.” Eirini


  • The training was excellent… and the speakers were amazing!!! They took us on a journey through the world and Froebel’s pedagogy and piqued my interest in discovering new ways to introduce these principles into my practice. Thank you very much for the opportunity” Ktenídi


  • “I enjoyed this opportunity to think more about [open-ended] toys, that their use should not be predetermined but instead promote the imagination and serve many different purposes.” Eleni


  • “I learned that children are self-motivated when they are encouraged to be so and their intrinsic motivation is not crushed but nurtured by practitioners that have an understanding of them… Children need to be given choices, allowed to make errors, decisions and offered sensitive help as and when it is needed.” Anonymous


  • “The educational environment is vast and therefore steady and decisive steps are needed to change the old and largely dysfunctional regime. But if as individuals we try to evolve and become more compassionate as teachers, then yes, there is hope that the system will change drastically. Personally, I will try to leave more space for children to show themselves and be more creative” Christina


  • “I now understand that children’s play must emerge from their interests and be enhanced by adults. Play means learning through their energy and curiosity. Children know how to learn and should not be limited to and distracted by lots of “structured activities”. The natural environment and real stimuli are their classroom.” Thomais


We also identified with your help some key future training needs/hopes:

more videos that illustrate the practical application of Froebel’s principles; for role play/forum theatre to explore your interactions with children, for better translation, explanation of the overlap/differences between Froebel and Montessori/Reggio etc.; on where to start given so many constraints (e.g. on our time); more detail on a typical day at Cowgate Under 5s.

And you particularly welcomed:

our teaching on Froebel and nature and the symbolic life of the child; the small group conversations with each other;